Friday, January 4, 2013

Toward StarCraft support

Following to the preview with StarCraft I received a lot of feedback.

Many have asked when the profile for running StarCraft be made available.

Please understand that it's not just the profile that is needed - the app itself also requires various additions to properly support StarCraft. The target would be installation of StarCraft Brood War with patch 1.16.1 (the profile will not support earlier versions). Also, I hope to provide you with a default preset of control layout that can get you playing right away and a modern way to pan the map. For this game there's also networking support to be considered. Support for physical keyboard and mouse will be essential for those that want to feel completely at home.

So, I'd be busy for awhile to ensure a quality release.

Stay tuned and build Rome in the meanwhile :)


  1. Excelent.

    If I can give a sugestion to another great game: transport tycoon

  2. Help as I install it on my tablet starcraft where under the file, or as become, I download it as soon as possible your help please.

  3. very good, i hope its possible to vote for the game after scII.

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  5. Please make play this game lollipop os

  6. pls i want red alert profile for winulator..