Sunday, January 6, 2013

Posted a fix for the garbled video frames in Caesar III

I've updated the Caesar III support page with a link to WCH 1.4.1 previous version (was 1.4) that fixes a problem in the conversion of the binaries that sometimes caused garbled frames in the built-in game videos and in the intro video.

Only a redo of the conversion is needed if you want to apply this fix into your Caesar III installation under Winulator.


  1. If you ported unreal tournament 99 I would totally syx you dyk.

  2. you should make it so the people can make there own games and that would make you sell lots of your program and have lots of games very fast and it would be the talk of the town or city.and this program will take off very fast I mean very fast you will make lots of money and fast to.

    1. Currently it's not feasible technically, that's why I'm investing time in popular titles first.

  3. I have lots of old games and would like to convert them to play on my android and would like to help test the games for you thanks
    my email is

  4. hy. when i start a map in caesar 3, "my cursor" moves to the edge of the map, and it stays there. if i "click" in the mini-map, the cursor moves there, and then goes back to the edge of the screen. and hints about that. thank u. obtw. i'm using the beta version.

  5. Thanks for making this great app. Just bought it from google play and can't wait to try Caeser. Could I request for Zeus as well please, similar game to Caeser and also a great city building game.

  6. If anyone can give me a ceasar3 winulator profile sir/madam.. I want to play ceasar3