Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winulator-beta v1.0 is now available

I'm glad to announce that you can now evaluate Winulator to see how it lets you play Caesar III, currently the only supported game. The free Winulator-beta app is now available from Google Play.

The recommended run setup is an Android tablet, however it would also run on small devices.

To convert the game, you need WCH 1.4 and CaesarIII-winulator-profile-1.zip, as described in the Docs. I've posted a video on YouTube to better illustrate:

Also, I've added another video to show additional game play, demonstrating the control widgets:

You'd get updates from Google Play, only to the app itself, and it would require no hassle - I estimate that you would only need to convert the game once, unless I correct some conversion bugs (in that case, a new WCH version will be released).

It would be nice to get feedback, and for those of you who like to post videos - to see videos of people running Caesar III.


  1. I dont found the app on Google play. Can you post the URL ?

  2. Yes - I just published - perhaps it takes time for their servers to take effect.

  3. You must have special prepared files for programs conversion? How I can do such as for games, except Caesar III?
    (Sorry for bad English)

  4. OK Thanks for your answer. Where can we found WCH ?

  5. So where do we get the WCH (Winulator Converter Helper)??

    1. It is linked from the docs page about CaesarIII: http://docs.winulator.com/program-caesariii

  6. Gz on first beta release, Dan ^^