Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still rolling up fixes

Hope you'd be glad to know I'm still working on this :) If you receive the regular updates from Google Play, you might notice some crashes were fixed, some crashes are still pending fix, and resolution change - well, it's nice to run Caesar III at 1024x768 on a tablet.

Besides bug-fixes - I received all your comments regarding usability, and I hope to hurl some measure of UI improvements, and game control definitely the most attractive of all would be some sort of a two-finger pan and zoom which would make map navigation much easier. Some of you were bothered by that pesky top menu - I know, going to try and improve on that as well.


  1. Know you how i can use this apps with caesar 3 in french ?

    1. Hello, I've managed to get it works in French (text AND voices!).
      First I get a English NoCd version and copy a French translation file.
      Then I just replace all Wavs in Wavs directory.
      Use Wch 1.4 after that and it works (on GT10.1 and GT7.7).
      Et voila! (forgive my bad English please)

    2. That's very good!

      Hmm, though I'd still like to make the original French version work somehow (it's my favorite language after English :)

  2. Question? Do you think we can get Cave Story to work in the future that would be cool

  3. Hi Dan. I haven't words for this program and that first ported game Caesar 3. I am happy:-). However i have question, arm6v proccesor will supported or no? Thank you for the answer and good luck;-)
    P.S. i think that heroes 3 good game for it was ported thirty.

  4. Are you going to add the support to Zeus: Master of Olympus in the future?

    Thanks for the app!

  5. please can you help me because I have a problem with winulator when I run starcraft starcraft her puts me * HAS * crached thank you in advance.