Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have some good news: you can expect a beta release in the following days. Note that I was misquoted on various websites telling that release would be only on January, so to alleviate any confusion or concern on the matter - know that you can expect it much sooner.

I have almost completed the feature set that I've set forth for this beta. The most important one are the configurable on-screen control widgets (see below). The first game to be supported under Winulator - Caesar III - reached a state where it is completely playable with sound, music and everything that can be expected (almost - see below), and therefore worthy of release, and that may happen very soon.

Winulator with Caesar III, beta release notes

Here I've listed the issues/bugs that you'd encounter when trying the beta with Caesar III:
  • In the intro video, some small number of frames are garbled (but the in-game videos seem to work fine, and game play is unaffected)
  • The menu option inside the game changes the display resolution doesn't work, so don't attempt to use it.
  • CPU usage is still around 40% (less of an issue on tablets), though this is in the ballpark of modern mobile games, so I'm not much concerned about it.
Aside from these, everything seems as expected from Caesar III. Note that you need to use the game's own load/save functionality if you want to save the game (like we did in old days, it would save to files in the game's directory).

Configurable on-screen control widgets:

To adequately support the old games with modern touch screens, Winulator supports configurable on-screen control widgets. For every game you'd be able to precisely configure (i.e. by size, shape, and location) a set of on-screen buttons that can map to various control functions:

  • Zoom-in on a screen region (especially useful on small devices)
  • Keyboard hot keys (e.g. Ctrl-g)
  • Keyboard popup (i.e. for text input)
  • Right click emulation (sticky, or one-time)
  • Screen panning (i.e. for easy panning maps up/down/left/right for games such as Caesar III)


  1. eagerly awaiting the beta release, thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this project :)

  2. Ден, весь прогрессивный мир следит за твоим проектом! Респекты и удачи тебе.

  3. Good news, Dan, keep going! :) Can't wait to see and test.

    What's the next game you plan to support? :)

    P.S.: made a post about you and your app in my blog, making some PR for ya ;-)

  4. Will you have a walkthru of how to set up the files to work on the app?
    Will any windows apps work on this as well, even if glitchy?

    will you have a community forum where we can post app compatibility?

    1. I'm curious about this as well, I can imagine me trying to convert some older games, even if they don't work perfectly...

  5. Amazing! Hopefully soon I will be able to play in HoMM series through Winulator app. :)

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