Monday, April 8, 2013

Current state and future

Many of you wonder why there haven't been updates since late February - the reason is that I've joined a new startup company where immediately I have started to work on heavy development relevant to my expertise.

I'm glad for this new job, considering that 99% of the installed instances of Winulator were pirated and unfortunately it is seems that it is not possible for me to use Winulator as a sole source of income.

Because of this new job, currently I am able to allocate very little time to Winulator - it is likely that support for new games (and fixes for the older ones) will be delayed considerably. I would still post updates on any changes regarding Winulator.

Thanks for your support.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Some updates

I have been busy working on reducing the complexity of setting up games with Winulator, in order to reduce the amount of actions required by the user.

Regarding WCH - it would be obsoleted :) I'm working on rewriting and incorporating the bulk of it into the app itself so conversion will be automatic, fast and transparent for the user. This issue gained priority during this month when I discovered some bugs in the conversion. Obviously re-conversion should be automatic, and for that, the app itself need to handle this. Tackling the code that drives the whole-executable static recompilation is arduous, and it would take some more development time on my part.

Lots of people are asking about other games (and StarCraft - it's advancing but not yet full). I'm taking all your suggestion into consideration.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Posted a fix for the garbled video frames in Caesar III

I've updated the Caesar III support page with a link to WCH 1.4.1 previous version (was 1.4) that fixes a problem in the conversion of the binaries that sometimes caused garbled frames in the built-in game videos and in the intro video.

Only a redo of the conversion is needed if you want to apply this fix into your Caesar III installation under Winulator.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Toward StarCraft support

Following to the preview with StarCraft I received a lot of feedback.

Many have asked when the profile for running StarCraft be made available.

Please understand that it's not just the profile that is needed - the app itself also requires various additions to properly support StarCraft. The target would be installation of StarCraft Brood War with patch 1.16.1 (the profile will not support earlier versions). Also, I hope to provide you with a default preset of control layout that can get you playing right away and a modern way to pan the map. For this game there's also networking support to be considered. Support for physical keyboard and mouse will be essential for those that want to feel completely at home.

So, I'd be busy for awhile to ensure a quality release.

Stay tuned and build Rome in the meanwhile :)

When in Rome...

Notable fixes in v1.13

Among other fixes, the exit menu item now displays an Android dialog (which is simply translated from a call to a standard Win32 message box). 

So, when in Android, behave like an Android.

Some still get the Missing CD error with installations of Caesar. Previously it crashed without telling why, now it is also conveyed with a message box:

If your Caesar III installation on Windows doesn't need a CD then you shouldn't have problems transferring it to the device (as long as it got converted).

Monday, December 31, 2012

Two important updates!

Paid app available

Lots of you are playing Caesar III on the beta version. You'd be glad to know that Winulator is now also a paid app not bearing the the BETA marker!

You can show your support by buying it, and you can also continue to test the free Winulator-beta app and send feedback when it receives experimental updates.

StarCraft: Brood War

The game StarCraft: Brood War (patch 1.16.1) is the next game to be supported under Winulator!

See video below:

... and stay tuned!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Still rolling up fixes

Hope you'd be glad to know I'm still working on this :) If you receive the regular updates from Google Play, you might notice some crashes were fixed, some crashes are still pending fix, and resolution change - well, it's nice to run Caesar III at 1024x768 on a tablet.

Besides bug-fixes - I received all your comments regarding usability, and I hope to hurl some measure of UI improvements, and game control definitely the most attractive of all would be some sort of a two-finger pan and zoom which would make map navigation much easier. Some of you were bothered by that pesky top menu - I know, going to try and improve on that as well.